JPNZ Honda Stepwagon / Stepwgn 1996-2000

A5, card bound, 190 pages covering operation of the of the full range of Honda Stepwagon / Honda Stepwgn models, including the E-RF1, E-RF2 (4WD), GF-RF1 and GF-RF2 (4WD) SERIES with B20B (2.0 litre) petrol engine from 1996-2000


Honda Stepwagon / Stepwgn
E-RF1, GF-RF1 (2WD)
E-RF2, GF-RF2 (4WD) series
B20B (2.0 litre) petrol engine models

A5, card-backed, 190 pages - produced by the renowned translators and publishers, JPNZ, this is a faithful translation of the original Japanese owners handbook as first supplied with the new car, taking you through the many aspects of ownership of your Honda Stepwagon / Stepwgn.